Ding Dong Delivery

Client: Ding Dong Delivery Publish: Jun 01, 2018
Ding Dong Delivery

Being established in Vietnam in 2017, DingDong Delivery is now a delivery platform operating in Thailand and Malaysia market. They can handle up to thousands of orders every day. In 2017, we work with DingDong to architect and develop full system, which are admin, mobile app for shop, shipper & end-user, from the very first idea.

  • UI/ UX Design
  • Mobile App
  • Website Development
  • System Development

Working on this project, we faced with various challenges coming from the complicated ecosystem. We need to provide an accurate and quick task management, in combination with linkage among all of the system’s components. Besides, smart features are required to reduce the workload for operators and coordinators.


In order to solve those issues, we actively studied specific cases to figure out a suitable smart system. Designing initial technique with high precision, along with building a professional team are necessary to ensure the integrity as well as the stability of the whole project.


DingDong was one of the best delivery system in Vietnam in 2018. With the system we built up, the task processing time was shorten. Besides, they can deliver 500 orders/ day, can reach to 4000 orders/day without system modification.

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